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Contour Floorstands

This versatile and customisable floor stand has been a great hit with our most prominent clients. Following the shape of any tall curve and sprayed a range of colours, it can be changed to match any brand. Coupling its durability and strength with its ability to be folded flat makes the contour floor stand a practical choice.

CNC Router

At Outline, we recently added a second CNC Router to our list of high-end manufacturing equipment. The addition of the Masterwood Project 416K has doubled our CNC cutting and routering capabilities and even added to our repertoire. The Project 416K is specifically designed for cabinet making, drilling, slotting, and CNC routering.

New Printers

With a mind to extend our capabilities even further, Outline has been considering the purchase of two high-end printers to add to our production line. This will mean higher quality paper prints for items such as showcards and high-quality banner prints for outdoor use. All with excellent colour matching and without the prospect of colour fading.

Checkers Toy World Promotion

In the wake of our collaboration with Purina and Checkers on the Pet World initiative, Outline is now embarking on a similar endeavour for the toy department. Toy World will be a similar concept to Pet World and by creating a shopping environment dedicated to the relevant products, we aim to encourage shoppers into making the right buying choices. Look out for the Toy World initiative in stores soon.

End-of-Year Update

With the end of the year drawing ever closer and with little over a month left until we close our doors for the Christmas season shut down, Outline is getting ready to wrap up the year. With many new processes and machines implemented into our production line in 2009, the year has proved to be a learning curve for both us and our clients as we discover new ways to supply you with our usual prompt and superior service.

In the last year, Outline had gone from being a purely point-of-sale company to so much more. With the addition of our new printing line, as well as a second CNC router and a large format laminator, we are now in the position to offer outdoor signage of all kinds, bringing us on par with many other high-end companies within the outdoor signage industry and making Outline a true one stop shop for all your display needs.

Now that our new, extended factory is up and running, and with the addition of our new Zund G3 Digital Cutter, production at Outline has gone into overdrive. With these new additions, Outline is in the position to offer many more options when it comes to addressing your point of sale needs.

Previously only working in primarily plastic substrates such as Correx and styrene, Outline has now successfully ventured into the manufacturing of stands and promotional units made from cardboard or more innovative substrates such as X-Board, a lightweight but remarkably sturdy product used for making simple yet effective point of sale units.

In line with our factory extension earlier in the year, Outline now has the space to offer even more services than before. Very soon we will be offering name badges made from fully recycled materials, complete with high-quality doming. Digitally cut to any size and engraved for low-cost individual name branding, each name badge will be fitted with a strong magnetic tag or a durable pin, depending on your preference. We will also be offering name badges with interchangeable name slots and those without a domed finish. Complete with your company’s logo and cut to any size you require, our name badges will not only give your staff a professional look but also fit in with your company’s green image.