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Moving House? The Perfect Alternative to Cardboard Boxes

This article was ghostwritten for Ecobox. It is written in British English.

Most of us will have experienced the moving process at least once in our lives; the location scouting, house hunting, the stacks of paperwork and, of course, the dreaded packing.

But in order to pack, you first need to find suitable boxes and that entails either a trip to the supermarket to scrounge for leftovers, which can be damaged or food stained, or buying new ones from a packaging retailer.

Neither of these options is ideal. Buying brand new boxes can be expensive in the required amounts but more importantly, it’s extremely wasteful to buy new boxes, use them once, and then throw them away. Even if you recycle them, it’s an unnecessary and costly step when there is a convenient and eco-friendly alternative which actually costs less.

Why not cardboard boxes?

Even though most people default to cardboard boxes when moving, there are a number of reasons why these types of boxes are ill-suited to moving your personal belongings.

Cardboard boxes are more prone to damage than plastic containers whether it’s by crushing, water damage or leaking contents. Once the integrity of the box is compromised, your valuables and belongings are at risk of damage. They’re also harder to secure with your only option being to tape them closed, which is easy enough to remove.

Used boxes, such as those you might get from a supermarket, are often dirty and infested with bacteria. Bugs love cardboard, especially when it becomes damp and cockroaches can be attracted to boxes that have been glued together. No one wants to have to fumigate their new home because bed bugs hitched a ride with the moving boxes.

Buying new boxes is also problematic. A cardboard box the same size as an Ecobox not only costs more per unit, you still have to find the time to buy them and assemble them, which introduces the added cost of packaging tape. Once you are finished using the box, it becomes a nuisance that often ends up in the garbage, which has a terrible impact on the environment.

What is an Ecobox?

Our durable plastic boxes are the perfect alternative to cardboard. Not only are they stronger and unlikely to buckle, they can be reused up to 400 times per box, making them much friendlier to the environment. Unlike cardboard, our boxes can also be used in all weather and can be safely stacked no matter what the contents are.

Ecoboxes are also very convenient to use. We deliver the boxes right to your door and then collect them from your new home once you are done with your move. After use, they can be nested into one another and stacked out of the way until they are collected. We also supply complimentary security seals and eco-labels, giving you piece of mind during the stressful moving time.

A new cardboard box will cost you about R36 each while an Ecobox, which you don’t need to worry about getting rid of afterwards, costs just R30 for the 14-day rental period.

Ecoboxes are the convenient, safe and eco-friendly option when moving house. Get in touch today to order your Ecoboxes.