How To Save Money When Moving Home

save money moving house

Whether you’ve just bought your first house or you’re simply making a move to a new area, moving to a new home should be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, moving house is ranked as one of the five most stressful life events, right after divorce or the loss of a loved one.

A certain level of stress might be unavoidable but the expense of the move is one of the factors that might be somewhat preventable. There are a number of ways that you can control or minimise the cost of moving. We take a look at how you can save money when moving home.

Declutter your house

The first step when it comes to preparing for a move is to minimize the amount of stuff you need to pack. Most of us have things in our homes that we no longer need but just haven’t got around to getting rid of. Selling any items of value can even help offset the cost of your move. Alternatively, you can donate your unwanted items to a local charity.

Do your own packing

Some moving companies will pack your items for you before they move everything to your new house. This may seem convenient but it can add an unnecessary cost to your moving expenses. If you’re concerned about not having the time to pack, do it in stages in the weeks leading up to your move, starting with the things you use the least.

Rent a truck instead of hiring a moving company

A moving company may come with the advantage of labour for heavy lifting but if you have some friends who are happy to help out, you can minimise your costs even more by just hiring a truck for the day. Paying your friends or family with pizza is certainly cheaper than hiring a whole team of movers.

Use clothes or towels instead of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap or packing peanuts are an unnecessary (and environmentally unfriendly) option when it comes to packing because there are cheaper or even free alternatives. You can use newspaper to wrap your breakables of course, but if you’d rather avoid getting ink all over your crockery, consider using your clothes and towels to protect fragile items and to fill gaps. You’ll save money on packing materials and you won’t need as many additional boxes for your wardrobe.

Don’t move on the weekend

Because the demand for moving companies tends to be higher on the weekend, prices are often inflated to take advantage of this. Taking some leave and moving during the week can definitely shave a good chunk off your moving costs. The same sometimes applies to the time of the month. Moving in the middle of the month is considered more cost-effective.

Move smaller items and boxes yourself

If you do use a moving company, it can make a big difference to your final quote if you opt to move smaller items yourself. Getting the moving company to only transport your furniture while you take care of boxes, houseplants, lamps and carpets, will make a significant difference to the overall cost.

Don’t buy cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes might seem like the obvious choice for transporting your household items, but buying boxes is expensive and they can be troublesome to dispose of afterwards. Using second-hand boxes from your local grocery store comes with its own problems such as dirt and pest risks.

A moving box hiring service like EcoBox is a better option. We will deliver our reusable plastic boxes to your house and collect them again once you have moved to your new home.

From a cost perspective, Ecoboxes have the advantage. A new cardboard box typically costs R36. An Ecobox, which you don’t need to worry about getting rid of afterwards, costs just R30 for a 14-day rental period.

Ecoboxes are the convenient, safe and eco-friendly option for moving house. To order your Ecoboxes in Cape Town or Johannesburg, call us on 0861 745 269.